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The FAGUS Solution

Since our formation, we have been developing standardised software that is flexibly changeable for paper manufacturers.

Our software manages all aspects of your production line, starting most importantly at the rough production planning stage, providing users with an overview of the plant operation, assigning order to production cycles of the paper machine.

We have a solution for your trimming requirements, ensuring that your waste is kept to a minimum and your operational costs are managed effectively.

The system also includes fine production planning, mill execution data as well quality management.

Rough Production Planning

With FAGUS, users get a top-level overview of the production process, while having the full flexibility to process order requests quickly, ensuring deadlines are met.

Order allocation is calculated based on the production quantities and completion date, resulting in reliable planning, short reaction times and total cost minimisation.

FAGUS allows you to define standard production plans that can easily extend the schedule on the timeline.


The reduction of waste in the finishing process is one of the biggest cost reduction potentials. Together with our customers, we are constantly working on improvements to make the most of this potential.

Minimising Cost Through Trim

Our trimming module focuses on the planner, resulting in an optimisation system that ensures minimum cost are achieved. The optimisation algorithm analyses the order situation or product variety to calculate the best results based on minimising expense.

Fine Production Planning

Finding the optimum production sequence for the equipment while observing order schedules is an integral part of the planning process.  FAGUS has been developed with our customers in mind.

Users are presented with a versatile user interface that provides all the relevant information for the planning process, which can be easily amended depending on the users usage. With a simple to use drag and drop system, planning tasks are completed quickly and efficiently.

Fine Production Planning provides users with reliable planning, shorter reaction times, higher machine utilisation and total cost minimisation by automating the planning processes and shortening lead times.

Mill Execution Data

Our modules fit seamlessly into the operational production process. By interfacing directly to process control systems, scales and other peripheral devices, users reduce the data collection effort exponentially while eliminating any sources of error, ensuring you have quality data at your fingertips.

Quality Management

By automating the import of data from process and quality control systems, the FAGUS solution enables users to detect errors in real-time while minimising the cost of scrap. Further to this, user interfaces can be configured by the user, meaning that only the important data relevant to each user is displayed, allowing them to act quickly and more effectively.

The Quality Management module offers everything needed for clear quality and production control.

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