About Us

Providing IT solutions to the paper industry for over 30 years

WM Data was founded in 1991 from the IT department of Feldmühle AG during a period of outsourcing. WM Data has excellent know-how in processes, analysis, and development, along with specific skills and experience which have been built up over a long time.

We understand the business and the activities of our customers

The key to our success is, first and foremost, the understanding of operational processes and business conditions. In conjunction with deep knowledge about IT possibilities we design solutions for all the demands and needs of our customers.

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About WM Data
Our Approach

We Strengthen The Competitiveness
Of Our Customers

Our Vision

Our services and solutions are characterised by creativity and innovation. Our long-term objective – our vision – is to stand beside our customers in the broad sector of the paper industry as a preferred partner.

Our Mission

With our specific skills and experience, which have been built up over a long time, we help our customers to increase their value creation in a sustainable and efficient way. Our services and solutions lead to greater competitiveness and superior results for our customers.

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