FAGUS Paper Concept

Efficiency, quality, traceability and profitability in pulp and paper mills all depend upon having sales systems and production systems that cooperate closely.

With FAGUS Paper WM-data offers a modern, high-performance IT solution to handle all mill internal flow of information all the way from the initial customer order to reel information and over to the products, or from the sales department to production planning.

Our goal is to create standardized modules that can be flexibly and fast modified. Thus we obtain low-cost, yet individual solutions for some very specific requirements of our customers.

Result of long-term relationship with our customers is the current version FAGUS Paper V6.

Eurograph in Brussels creates its statistics with a powerful system based on our expert advice and software development.

A look at our application:

Fagus Paper

Technical Requirements

Find more information about FAGUS Paper in our prospect.